Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Days

Summer can be a bit brutal on a Stay At Home Mom.  No matter how much you adore your kids, the lack of routine and constant togetherness can drive mamas and kids crazy.  So, this summer, I decided to try something.  Now, we haven't been super awesome at sticking to the agenda, but the days that we do are so much more pleasant.

Here is our Summer Daily Agenda:


Get Dressed
Chore Time
---Free Time---
Fun Activity
---Free Time---


---Free Time---
Reading Time
Music Practice
---Free Time---
Writing Seminar


Family Reading Time (as supper ends)
Computer Time
---Free Time---
PJS and Bed

Science and Fun Activity ideas come from the internet.  My pinterest board is where I keep all my ideas easy to find.

My kids are participating in a summer reading challenge from their school.  For every 15 minutes they spend reading, they get to color in a square and when they fill the whole sheet they get to go to a ice cream party the first week back to school.  Sooo, I let them read whatever they want and we normally read for about 45 minutes (because my kids love reading).  Oh, and I let the big kids read out loud to the little kids.  That lets me clean while they read AND it lets me hear them sound words out so I can help if they get stuck.

Music practice is just that.  My husband has a music degree and has taught lessons for years.  So, the idea was for him to give a lesson to each kid once a week and then let them practice daily for the rest of the week.  We haven't been super awesome at that yet, but my kids are still pretty young so we let them write their own music and give a show when they are done.  

Writing Seminar is flexible based on my kids age/ skill level.  I gave them each a note book to write a story.  Then we are illustrating it.  At the end of the summer I plan to have them type up their story, do a final draft of the illustrations on plain white paper, and then I will have their books bound.  I personally think it will be a fun token to show for their summer.

After supper, we read a chapter out of a classic book.  Right now, we are reading the Hobbit.  We will move on to the Lord of the Rings books and then the Chronicles of Narnia.  Even the two year old asks daddy for the Hobbit as soon as dad finishes his dinner now. 

Computer time at our house is not screen time so much.  It is actually a lesson in computer programming.  Our kids are making their own computer games.  My husband is the one that runs this time and he is using Scratch.  It is free and was put together by MIT.  My kids LOVE IT.

So, there it is.  My plan to survive the summer.  Like I said, the days we stick to it are a lot smoother than the days we are just lazy and do whatever.  And my kids loooove reading the agenda and knowing what is next.  

Best of luck!!!


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